Getting Started with the Mini One Stop Shop

  1. Begin your Registration
    If Republic of Cyprus is the Member State of the European Union in which you would like to be identified as a taxable person, in order to supply telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic services, then all you have to do is go to the Registration page and begin your Registration Process.
  2. Access the Mini One Stop Shop
    After you Register, you can Log In to the Mini One Stop Shop using the Log Inpage and gain access to your personalised information.
  3. Make use of the Available VAT Services
    You can use the available VAT Services such as submitting a VAT Return Form, reviewing your VAT Return submission notifications and checking the corresponding payment reminders, in order to be compliant with your VAT obligations.
  4. Learn more about Mini One Stop Shop
    You can learn more about Mini One Stop Shop by visiting the About section, where you can also find a printable guide on how to use the Mini One Stop Shop, or you can contact us using the information listed in the Contact Us page or the information displayed in the footer of the Site.